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Sessions Just Isn't Working Out

Clearly, President Donald Trump has been unhappy for some time with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And he deserves an Attorney General who serves him well, as does every President.

Instead, he's got Jeff Sessions, who seems to not control the Department of Justice at all - and the President is stuck with him, because Senators have warned him that they won't confirm another choice. Hopefully this changes after the mid-terms.

Jeff Sessions clearly has no control over his Department's response to Congressional oversight and he can't get to the bottom of the FISA scandal and the politicization of the FBI under Obama which led to the spying on the Republican campaign for the presidency.

The DoJ has resisted Senate and House oversight subpoenas and slow walked whatever response they decided to give.

And with Sessions unable or unwilling to get a handle on this, the President has had to order immediate release of the Clinton dossier based FISA warrants - and today we still aren't getting what the president has lawfully ordered.

I served in the US Army. If I had disobeyed the constitutional and lawful orders of my superiors, I would have ended up in Fort Leavenworth. This is dereliction of duty, at least, and perhaps even sedition - resistance of lawful authority.

If the American public doesn't get everything the President ordered by the time our families go to church on Sunday, I think it's time for heads to roll.

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