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"No Evidence of Any Collusion"

To all the media, reporters and contributors alike, who are wringing their hands about Judge Ellis and Paul Manafort’s attorney (twice) mentioning Russian collusion in their public statements, claiming these are coded calls for a @POTUS pardon: you’re fake.

There was "no evidence of any collusion,” and yet the media has constantly accused Paul Manafort of this bogus crime.

Mueller didn't charge Paul, his most prized defendant, with any “Russian collusion” related crimes after a investigation where people close to Manafort flipped on him.

The media couldn’t stop talking about Manafort giving polling data to Kilimnik, something was so important to the collusion case that the OSC mentioned it in court filings - and then did nothing else about it.

Because Paul didn’t collude. Who else was going to say it? The media?

OSC lead prosecutor Andrew Weissmann last month told a federal judge that an August 2016 Manafort-Kilimnik meeting was of significance to the special counsel, at the heart of the investigation. But where is this meeting in the Manafort charges?

Nowhere. Because he didn’t collude with Russia.

There was no Russian collusion in either Manafort sentencing and it was vital for his attorneys to say this publicly in light of frequent and recent OSC statements. Paul committed financial crimes but he’s no traitor. His lawyers told America.

So stop with this handwringing.

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